ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE, created by Seismic Games animator Jeff Campbell, writer/director Andrew Racho, and producer Scout Raskin of Sonic Bunny Productions. Many wild  nights were spent at the round table churning up crazy ideas, notions of ’90s nostalgia, and the best way to obliterate a zombie! Jeff’s brilliant concept designs and Andrew’s hilarious writing brought this thing to life and it’s been moving faster than the zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 ever since!

ZMED’s first season will air in early 2012 on Machinima.com and their corresponding YouTube Channel.

JEFF CAMPBELL (Creator/Character Designer/Artistic Director): Disclaimer: The facts below are entirely true, or are they?

Jeff was born a strapping young lad in the backwoods of California. He was a creative little boy who retreated to his treehouse and spent hours with pen and paper in hand. A bunch of stuff happened. Then he magically found himself working as an animator at Nickleodeon. But that creative mind inside his skull still burned on, which lead to the creation of Zombie Murder Explosion Die.

In all seriousness: Jeff is passionate, imaginative and driven. His work in illustration and animation has brought him quite the following for his unique style. He works for Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds as a flash animator and spends his spare time turning his thoughts and dreams into reality. He currently splits his days between ZMED and Seismic Games.

ANDREW RACHO (Writer/Director): Andrew Racho is a graduate of the prestigious Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, whose graduates lead reputable and fulfilling lives presenting news, information, and artistic works in a socially conscious manner to society.  After graduation, Andrew worked on some McDonalds commercials, game tested on Leisure Suit Larry, and worked on Carton Network/Adult Swim’s pop-culture parody show Robot Chicken.  That degree was put to GREAT use!

Andrew is now a writer and director for An Okay Place to Eat, an animated ensemble comedy about a diner owner whose staff include the ungracefully-aged food and TV mascots of his childhood.  He also helped develop and he penned the pilot for ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE. He is also a voice over actor repped by Synergy Talent, with previous clients including Google, eBay, and Vegas.com.  Part time, he engineers at Kalmenson & Kalmenson, a voice over training/casting house.
Recently, he has signed on to write our season of episodes!  His animated short, Tobacco Man, appeared at Dragon*Con 2010.  He is also growing a beard for no reason at all.

SCOUT RASKIN (Producer):
Scout came out of the womb as a tenacious, punk-rock chick, at least she’d like to think so. Her first foray into show biz was in John Waters’ cult-classic film Cry-Baby, in which she had a supporting role. Soon after, she also discovered a talent for screenwriting. But you might still catch her acting on TV, film, and the stage. In recent years, she’s spent entirely too much time as a production accountant for Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken. All the numbers did prepare her for her next adventure, Sonic Bunny Productions.

Sonic Bunny, founded in 2009, is the animation production  company behind ZMED and An Okay Place To Eat, and a bunch of other TV show concepts. It has a strong focus on producing animated television. I mean, who doesn’t love bubble tape, gummy boogers, and Saved By The Bell?! Right?

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